Helping those who help others.

as a not-for-profit that appreciates the generous support of others, WANDAWEGA HISTORICAL SOCIETY is also proud to support numerous organizations that do their part to make a difference at the local, national and global level.

Donation Packages

Over the years, Camp Wandawega has supported a broad range of worthy organizations, donating vacation packages for charity auctions for groups such as:

DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids)
Near North Montessori School
Queen of Angels Parish
Mary Meyer School
The Adler Planetarium
The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust


Over the years, Camp Wandawega has donated it's facilities for a number of arts, cultural and culinary events. It is our hope that the simple pleasures of Camp Wandawega can serve as inspiration for creative endeavors such as:

Salonathon:  A Salonathon Presents Artistic Adventure @ Camp Wandawega Learn More >
Art Camp: An annual retreat for artists, filmmakers, designers and other creative types Learn More >
Sportsman's Weekend: A creative community event, allowing folks to reconnect by disconnecting  Learn More >
Till School Retreat, 2015: a pop-up summer design school for juniors and seniors in high school who are interested in design thinking and making will be their students on a retreat to Camp W this coming summer  Learn More >


In the summer of 2012, the County Zoning Board requested a public hearing at Walworth County Courthouse for the rezoning application for Wandawega Lake Resort / Camp Wandawega. In addition to numerous folks who joined us in person, hundreds of supporters from all corners of the country wrote to show their support, some of which are included below. It's thanks to the generous support of so many that Camp Wandawega is able to be used for "Mass in The Grass" and many other not-for-profit cultural activities.